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Should Freebleeder work up a country set of our songs for a special show in August?

1. Yeehaw Cowboy! I got a real hankerin' to get me some of that!! 59
2. Umm Stick with what you are (kind of)good at 6
3. April fools was 2 weeks ago 3
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Go to the corner store, buy the cheapest beer you can find, shake the Hell out of it, then pop the top. What comes out is Freebleeder from Austin Texas. One part punk, one part rock, and one part metal, and three parts drunk. Catchy songs and an energetic live set have begun to provide a buzz throughout the mighty State of Texas. Drink and Destroy.

5530 LIVE @ Goat Roast 16

Yes we are... 

Still alive here. Making progress on the new CD- We need to finish tracking one more on drums and Matt is done.

In case you were wondering... 

We are taking the month of July off to polish up the set, write some new music, build a skate ramp, and record a couple of brand new tracks for you(these ROCK). So all of you just hold still, grab a 12 pack and chill. We'll let you know when it's time to rock again....

SXSW is here. 

We will be playing Rockfest next Wednesday at Shiner Saloon. Come see us if you are in the SoCo arean Wednesday night. Check out the SHOWS page for details.


New website!!! We will add more content once we recover from these hangovers...

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